Thursday, July 27, 2006

To Israel

Listen you... :
You think you are powerful...Yes you are..
You think you are great..Maybe in a way..
You think you are winning..Maybe by numbers of deaths you are causing, number of sufferings you are creating and by the number of lives you are controlling
You think you can stay like this...Maybe, but for sure not for a long time.
You think life will will treat you well after all this because you are chosen from above...You are stupidly mistaken.
You are growing the most powerful weapons in our hearts. You are killing yourself by your own bullets. I am not saying this as a cliche of an oppressed.
No... It is true. Because you can not handle anything close to what you are imposing on others. This may sounds funny...You may laugh...

You may laugh because believe it or not. I am more peace loving than any of your confused Peace Prize Winners..I have understanding to happiness and love more than all of you combined, because I know what is means to be in a War and you apparently forgot.


Dua' said...
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Dua' said...

are they strong? oh yes, big time. are they doing what they want without anything to deter them? yes again! are they on decline? if not now, they will be one day. the war Israel is carrying out against the palestinians is psychological. they get under your skin. you think of Israel in every step you take, even your marriage!
Gaza sky is a circus for Israeli planes for 24-7. all colours, sounds, kinds.... and we Gazans compete to guess what kind of plane it is and will it strike or not! we became experts. you become an expert to the extent that when they are there you notice them but you don't for you reach a point of denial! and this happened with me once that all kinds of israeli planes were dancing in another circus, Ramallah, along with a tank orchestrating the play. and i didn't even wake up!
it is a psychological war taking different forms, the last of which resembled in the notes thrown in gaza sky two days ago. and before, i was passing erez checkpoint; and two notes stricked me; "smile at life and it will smile at you!" and " who provides you with food, Hamas, Fatah or Israel?" Statements and questions that are stuck in the face of every Gazan passing erez.
your are supposed to be held up for hours and to be humilated but should smile at the poor Israeli soldiers. you are supposed to be under siege but grateful to Israel and finally you are deprived from any hope for a normal life and then should curse the resistence!
it can be the beginning of the decline! but cannot be so without us holding on our "Palestinianity"

Nada said...


You are doing great with your blog, please keep it up.


Nada said...
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Nizar said...

Yes, they do not want peace and they do not understand what peace mean. They think that peace will be achieved by using power and killing people, that only will create more hatred in the region. They will not get anything by using power, both Palestinian and Lebonanees people are more powerful than their weapons. There is no win-lose situation here for Israels, they are the losers what ever the result of this war is. Hesbolla as you said Najla, won our harts as a strong fighters for the freedom of their country and their people. We are the people of peace and they are the people of wars.

Anonymous said...

Nada is right. You are doing a super job. Do not stop and keep speaking out. Israel I blieve is on a slippery slope going down hill fast.

A friend from the U.S.

Abu Shaar said...

When Israeli spokesliars talk about peace and "ending violence" what they mean is the Palestinians must vouchsafe the personal safety of every Israeli. Israel occupation army and colonisers of course, are free to kill maim and dispossess Palestinians because they are only defending themselves

I have lived in Rafah and I know that they are the strongest people in the world

Bilal said...

Clear. Honest. Powerful. I always did admire your spirit. Now, I am seeing it expressed in words, while you endure what i cannot imagine.

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