Friday, July 28, 2006

Few Apache Rockets

After flying over the Gaza strip...2 at least of the Apache helicopters raided about 9 times on difference areas in Gaza. I saw 3 of them. Three colorful balls of light stroke the clear skies of Gaza and went to accomplish another mission. I insisted to wittiness this time. So I waited not so long after I heard them flying on top of us, while we were having dinner in front of the TV with family and friends. Some went to call their homes,,making sure it wasn't the target next to them, or the house across the street, some received calls to make sure it wasn't us or across the street from us. I watched and went back. Simple news of simple events. It is amazing how humans adapt to things. Without spending more than 2 minutes talking about the whole round, it passed just like a regular phone call or a walk in the backyard.
In the background, people are not able to sleep, or even go to their rooms. Hiding in fear of random bullets crossing their trees and windows, in east of Gaza. More rockets took their way there to bomb few houses. And,,some injuries are reported. A child was killed. after a 24 hour that took 28 lives in that area.
I Will take off, and sleep for a bit.. Before any expected targets receive their bombs.