Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the borders..

Invasion or what this time?
What will the army do? I mean the Lebanese Army. The past two days, the minister of defense in Lebanon was giving really strong and reasonable statements, at least in my opinion. It may not be a surprise for an army to decide to defend its nation from any invasion. Lebanon is under attack, and the Lebanese army is not known to be very strong, however, the minister confirmed that the Israel's will pay a price if they dared to enter Lebanon.
going a bit far from this intense environment in front of the TV channels and the spirit of nationalism that these channels have been injecting in its audience, I remember ....Many occasions when leaders said similar and even more exciting statements in times of threat of a war. But...In actual wars..It didn't work for many reasons that I don't want to discuss here.
this fear in me..I am sure is in many peoples' minds and hearts.

After learning a bit about surprises in conflicts and wars. One important lesson I am trying to remind myself of is that there is almost nothing that can be the "end of the world" I mean, in my imagination, many may share this with me, that if the word "War" is said..It means ...That is it! But it is not like that..Maybe in huge wars long time ago in History it has been perceived like that. It is sad to think that way believe it or not. Because you as a person, or as a family, could no longer have a life, a home, .....All what you may think of .
Now. This applies to moments like this. Now, I am watching the Lebanese Channels because they are casting live pictures from the borders in tea south. The Israeli Tanks are moving inside Lebanon ...Especially from the village of "Maroon el Ras" I also see a breaking news saying " there are clashes between the Hizbollah fighters and the Israelis".
This may not be "IT". The Israel's said they will do limited operations. This is the style these days. You call it an "operation" not a "War" well, I don't want it to be called a war for one reason, that is; Israel is not facing a real regular army. But, I want it to be called a war, because it is BIG!
it is hurting people in silence. In a limited scale. Is there a small or big operation when people are killed?? Simply,killed?
I hope I am clear on that one.

* Israeli planes raid on the town of Zrayreh and the town of Lebaya, and Hasbya (6:56 pm)


Nizar said...

It is a good point Najla. Yes,I believe that it is a type of war that we are not used to before. For the first time in the history of conflicts in the region that Israel is attacked. The Israeli forces afraid of invading South Lebanon. Ten yeard ago that was like a dream. Hezballah is doing what many other countries is not able to do at all.

Naj said...

Thanks Nizar for the comment; it is really frustrating when we call it war and it is never a regular army...groups only are faced with all this huge army and sophisticated weapons..
Hizbollah will not win this war. but they won many peoples' hearts in their courage to give back the real meanings of resistance and truth. i am afraid, we dont dare anymore to call our actions resistance, Hizballah is to remind us that we have the right to fight even israel that istaking everything from us.

Anonymous said...

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