Thursday, September 28, 2006

The "Threat Letter"

Here we go again. News do not seem to move any of our nerves anymore. A threat sent through the Egyptian intelligence to the "leader" Mesha'al" in Damascus to liberate the prisoned Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. The threat is again..To give orders to the Israeli forces to go into the Gaza strip with unusual methods of ground offensive. I cant tell you much about reactions, because I barely knew about this news, and when I did, haven't seen much reaction from people.
A threat of a "big, creative, invasion" is no longer a surprising story. It has been said many many times by Israeli leaders. To clean up Gaza. Most of us here think that this will not happen for many rational reasons.There are more weapons in Gaza than the Israeli army would carry for offensive, maybe not the sophistication or the armed vehicles,"my exaggeration maybe, but this is the feel from here and what we see everyday and every hour".
I say..Whatever. But. There is an obvious irresponsibility, and maybe intention to keep the pressure and the situations unsolved in Gaza. Whether it is from Mesha'al or from the bunch here, from Fatah or Hamas, or both. A Gazan is not thinking now of his/her experience with governance or democracy, and not thinking in the process of change of power. He/she is fighting any change by imposing the personal/family/private equation.

The Israeli military court in the West Bank have released the PM deputy. and they are thinking about releasing more of the Legislative council's representative soon. Does that mean that the new government will be formed and the Israelis agreed to the terms discussed. Hamas didn't. They changed their minds while Abbas was at the United Nations in NY. Why all this is happening? Hamas leaders are not respecting their people. They are not even realizing that they are responsible for a whole society not a political party!

Note on Hasan Nasrallah. I was resisting to watch his speech in the festival of his victory. but i ended up watching every bit of a second. I was resisting because of shame, not because Palestinians couldnt do resistence well,,,if any. but because of the respect and honor he has and present to people, even to his enemy.

I cant really see anything positive coming. Maybe short term solutions. but even that, i hardly could see it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Thanks to Shulamit Aloni...

Thanks for those who have been asking about me, and asking why i haven't been writing on the blog. It is just that there isn't a way to describe the situation. It needs stronger phrases, more philosophy rather than counting numbers. We all got tired from counting numbers, of pple killed, injured, arrested, or numbers of rockets, bombs, explosions...Planes.
This article by Aloni, made me feel good that I could post something at the blog. I just thought of thanking her, and encouraging readers to read it. Especially those who are unable to understand the Palestinian story.

No wonder they hate us - By Shulamit Aloni
Time to talk peace! Israel's leaders must change mindset, engage in dialogue with Palestinians.
In a few months, we will mark 40 years of "enlightened" occupation by our famed army in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip. Israel pretends to be an enlightened state and signatory of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which rules that "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies" (Israel ratified the Convention in 1951.)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Going Too Far.

I thought I would not be in a position to write about what is wrong with (us), because i never could vs what is wrong with Israelis and their occupations and aggressive actions. The time has come to talk a little but more about what has been concerning all of us here, especially in Gaza with the deep frustration, anger, and the chaotic daily life. Where are we going.?? I wonder.
Many Palestinians started, when getting angry about the Palestinian Authority, saying that "we wish the occupation is back...We were much better off than that dealing with the corruption, chaos and compromises with Israel on negotiations. Now...It is even worse, if Israel was a reasons for many problems and tensions that are taking place in the Palestinian society/system/whatever you call it, then the question is...When do we blame ourselves, and when should we criticize our actions. Most importantly..Who is we? I am confused. Many of my friends and relatives and including myself don't not relate to what is going on..However, many are changing some of their norms to be able to face the situation. Hundreds of groups filled with weapons...Are the ones who identify this society? The nice things of a small/closed town have gone and are being replaced with the most cruel and most unfair norms and values. We are losing ourselves.
Many have the interest to support these types of situations, support the groups, and make it the way you deal with things and business. If it is conspiracy what is leading now this discussion..I believe there are many tendencies in the society to behave according to how it is behaving now.
I always thought of staying away from this country is betrayal..Very romantic nationalistic..Now this is called stupidity. Well, that is normally the case. Why sacrifice when there is no confidence in any move you make. And I want to say something here about sacrifice..The people are willing to die literally from anything when they see some achievements taking place. We have passed this stage , and now we are fighting for survival. Gaza, is the crime. Gazans are the criminals and victims stand in the line waiting for their possible end. Palestine is lost, palesine doesn't belong to anyone, but belongs to everything and everyone. Not many people will understand what I am trying to describe here, because only the ones who are living in Gaza now..Know. It is not a place of conflict, or peace, it is not a marginalized piece of earth that is poor and full of diseases. It is a new experience in History and geography that I would invite many to learn about.
As I am still learning. But I would leave it and give up the learning very soon.
"Forgive me if i dont make sense"