Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Going Too Far.

I thought I would not be in a position to write about what is wrong with (us), because i never could vs what is wrong with Israelis and their occupations and aggressive actions. The time has come to talk a little but more about what has been concerning all of us here, especially in Gaza with the deep frustration, anger, and the chaotic daily life. Where are we going.?? I wonder.
Many Palestinians started, when getting angry about the Palestinian Authority, saying that "we wish the occupation is back...We were much better off than that dealing with the corruption, chaos and compromises with Israel on negotiations. Now...It is even worse, if Israel was a reasons for many problems and tensions that are taking place in the Palestinian society/system/whatever you call it, then the question is...When do we blame ourselves, and when should we criticize our actions. Most importantly..Who is we? I am confused. Many of my friends and relatives and including myself don't not relate to what is going on..However, many are changing some of their norms to be able to face the situation. Hundreds of groups filled with weapons...Are the ones who identify this society? The nice things of a small/closed town have gone and are being replaced with the most cruel and most unfair norms and values. We are losing ourselves.
Many have the interest to support these types of situations, support the groups, and make it the way you deal with things and business. If it is conspiracy what is leading now this discussion..I believe there are many tendencies in the society to behave according to how it is behaving now.
I always thought of staying away from this country is betrayal..Very romantic nationalistic..Now this is called stupidity. Well, that is normally the case. Why sacrifice when there is no confidence in any move you make. And I want to say something here about sacrifice..The people are willing to die literally from anything when they see some achievements taking place. We have passed this stage , and now we are fighting for survival. Gaza, is the crime. Gazans are the criminals and victims stand in the line waiting for their possible end. Palestine is lost, palesine doesn't belong to anyone, but belongs to everything and everyone. Not many people will understand what I am trying to describe here, because only the ones who are living in Gaza now..Know. It is not a place of conflict, or peace, it is not a marginalized piece of earth that is poor and full of diseases. It is a new experience in History and geography that I would invite many to learn about.
As I am still learning. But I would leave it and give up the learning very soon.
"Forgive me if i dont make sense"


I love Munich said...

NO Naj, do NOT give up learning!! You say only Gazans will understand what you write ... not quite dear - I do. It is right, your society is on the verge of losing itself due to the fact that violence rules and values are drowned in blood.
You CAN NOT expect people, who didn't get paid for over half a year and live on the very edge of starvation to uphold those values for ever - even though this is the way it SHOULD be - it is only human it does not happen.
What do you think it needs to get things under control again? I would like to hear YOUR opinion dear!
Just - DO NOT GIVE UP ... after every downhill MUST come an uphill - that's the nature of things!
I am sending you MUCH strength and a LOT of love!! :)

Anonymous said...

Naj, I agree with Karin, Never give up learning and don't give up on your homeland. I believe that is what Israel wants you to do. Don't do it. My prayers are with you and the people of your country. Stay strong.

I love Munich said...

Naj ... by the way - you make PERFECTLY sense!!

Jerry said...

Naj--you make sense. And it is past time for all Palestinians to ask these questions. I would understand if you left, that is what many of the best and brightest of your people have been doing for decades. At the same time, the hope for your people is that the ones such as yourself, with education and worldly experience, stay at home and come to leadership.
there is no future in violent confrontation with Israel. There is only negotiation--infuriating, imperfect, unfair, and slow as it is. For all those defects, the way of violence is hopeless, stalemated, and will only lead to more suffering on all sides.

Naj said...

Thank you all for the comments.
Jerry, thank you. i want to tell you that if i leave this place, i will be running away from palestinians not Israelis. When you are opressed by an occupier/agressor, it is fine. you either resist by all means or you give up and run away. for me, and for almost everyone i know, they left because of complicated life under occupation. This time, it is not the case. What is goin on here now is the change of people. it is a totally different society...people are so agressive, intolerent, blindly religous, and the good people are running away or hiding till the chance comes. The first time, in Gaza, that i feel odd by just being a woman. i am tired of justifying at this point. i can justify but i cant stay and live here and justify in the same. I am not tolerent anymore. I cant blame them, but i cant deal with it, most of the time. No one is even talking about israel here. wherever you go to who ever you talk to. israel is not the issue. pple are desperate for decent life, and they are taking a shock after the other from the leaders, who are all, irresponsible. (simplest word to describe them) because it is not about getting poor today and next month only, it is about the trust, security, and healthy minds and hearts. that was too long. sorry!

Anonymous said...

Heloo Naj,
You'll never guess who this is but that is not important - its sad to read what you are writing. I read in the economist this morning (hint to as who I am :), about the in-fighting going on between groups. This is part of the occupation strategy to not let an able leader rise - they are assasinated ASAP - so that these other idiots can muscle their way around. Like when Fatah raided the parliament and tore things up - that was stupid - Not that philosophizing about this would help you - Really sorry to hear about your troubles -


I love Munich said...

Naj - could you please download SKYPE so that we can talk PC to PC?
I'd find that very nice ...

Naj said...

thank you John. I still dont know who you are!
Anyway, you are right about not letting reasonable and moderate leaders rise.

I love Munich said...

Naj - I didn't find an e-mail of you!!
I just want to wish you RAMADAN MUBARAK!
May the holy month of the revelation of Qur'an bring you PEACE, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY!!

May Allah bless you - always!

Halla said...

Since the Pal authority ended up being so corupt, I had hoped that Hamas would at least look out for their own people instead of themselves, obviously nothing is getting better! This is why so many Palestinians have left, unfortunately, to get a better life! The Palestinian society have a hard time taking care of ourselves and getting beyond the hate and our own agendas!

Naj, sometimes you have to make that hard choice to better your life and its not a betrayal. For me I show everyone that Palestinians are decent people, not as portrayed in the press!

Anonymous said...

I am writing as the mother of an Israeli daughter, who moved to Israel last year. I can tell you that it is dangerous to lump people together in one group as "us and them". Every society is comprised of many individuals with varying points of view. My daughter and her friends in Israel are very hopeful for peace and the prosperity of the people in Palestine. I feel that Arafat and Hamas have betrayed the trust and future of the people in Palestine. There are opportunities for Israel and Palestine to become good neighbors and to work together for a better future together. Compromise and respect on both sides will be necessary for this to occur. The two sides need to start talking and working toward peace. Even the most bitter enemies have managed to put aside their differences, to resolve their conflicts and to go beyond peace even--to develop close friendships. I hope that will be the case in this conflict. People on the outside do much harm when they try to fuel the hatred between these two groups, when the best strategy would be to urge them toward negotiation and diplomacy. Our different religions urge us toward love for one another and brotherly love. We should not ignore this message. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for the best possible, brightest future for all those in Palestine. With love and respect, lynne

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