Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alan Johnston..... We are Sorry..

The Second morning after abducting the British journalist- Alan Johnston form the BBC, people are worrying more. There is nothing that we can say...but that we want to apologize for what is happening to you I know you are safe,.. and no one is going to hurt you. But, Why this to you?
I met you once.. and it was a relieve to talk to someone from outside..knows how our minds work. Alan.. knew how Palestinians think and feel.. and that's why he was one of the few who understand the real roots of our causes....
I m not going to talk about who and why is Alan kidnapped..but i can say .. that its not important. The best part is that we know that even though you are now in such a terrible and shameful situation.. i know you understand.

Best to you Alan.
If you don't know Alan Johnston, please start to know about him now..
A profile by the BBC follows:

""Alan Johnston was born in Lindi, Tanzania on 17 May 1962.

He was educated at Dollar Academy in Dollar in Scotland. He has an MA in English and Politics from Dundee University and a diploma in Journalism Studies from the University of Wales in Cardiff.

He joined the BBC in 1991 as a Sub-Editor in the BBC World Service Newsroom before becoming the BBC's Correspondent in Tashkent from 1993 to 1995.

He was the BBC Kabul Correspondent from 1997 to 1998.
He returned to London and the BBC World Service to be a programme editor of The World Today and then a general reporter in the BBC World Service Newsroom.
His three-year posting to Gaza as BBC Correspondent began in April 2004, where he has worked for all BBC outlets in both radio and television""

"""Fears for BBC Gaza correspondent

Johnston has been the BBC's reporter in Gaza for three years . The BBC says it is concerned for the safety of a correspondent who has gone missing in the Gaza Strip.
The corporation said it had been unable to contact Alan Johnston, but did not comment on Palestinian reports that he had been kidnapped.
Johnston's car was found abandoned in Gaza City shortly after he left his office to drive home.
Several journalists and aid workers have recently been kidnapped in Gaza. All have been released unharmed.
Johnston, 44, has been the BBC's correspondent in the Gaza Strip for the past three years - and the only foreign journalist from a major media organisation based in Gaza
'Experienced reporter'
Details of what happened are sketchy. Palestinian police said four gunmen were seen in the vicinity of where Johnston's car was found.
Palestinian Interior Minister Sayeed Sayyam said Johnston's disappearance was a "criminal act".

Palestinian security forces have set up checkpoints around Gaza and are searching for the correspondent.
The BBC described Johnston as a "highly experienced and respected reporter".
"It is his job to bring us day after day reports of the Palestinian predicament in the Gaza Strip," said the BBC's diplomatic correspondent, Paul Adams, himself a former Middle East reporter.
Alan Johnston was born in Tanzania and educated in Scotland. He joined the BBC World Service in 1991 and has spent eight of the last 16 years as a correspondent, including periods in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.
He became Gaza correspondent in April 2004 and is in the last few weeks of his posting there."""