Monday, July 31, 2006

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Hezbollah's human shields
Israel is being vilified by opportunistic politicians and the international media over the air strike that killed 56 persons early yesterday in the Lebanese village of cane....

Israeli morality paid in blood
WASHINGTON — What other country, when attacked in an unprovoked aggression across a recognized international frontier, is then put on a countdown clock by the world, given a limited time window in which to fight back, regardless of whether it has restored its own security?
What are they talking about? these are their homes. Hezbollah doesn't hit from the Houses, they have plenty of space to launch their rockets from other than their peoples' houses. Remember one thing...The Merwaheeen massacre a week ago...when the Israelis warned the people in village that they will destroy it completely, what happened was hundreds ran away to go the United Nations Emergency forces, and were told that by the UN we can not protect you and we are not aware of anything regarding this warning. These people decided to leave and used buses and cars that were available to go up north while the Israeli planes were bombing the roads.....Those buses were bombed! About 28 were killed! Did you hear about that......Till now some bodies can not be taken out of the seats of the buses because they are burnt! While the Red Cross tried to reach this road,,their car was bombed (the red cross one).
In Qana.These people because were warned they went to the sheltery families in the same house were hiding from the Israeli raids.....Israel bombed the shelter by a smart missile (sent from the US few days ago)! Did they bomb any of Hezbollah locations in Qana? No.
rememberr that Israel did the same thing in 1996 when bombed the UN shelter. And killed more thana hundredd ... the said "we didnt know".
I don't like to post pictures because they really hurt anyones' feelings. I had enough seeing those pictures at Al-jazeera.And I wonder if any were shown in any other channel. I prefer these days not to know..Because whenever I watch the CNN international, which is supposed to be much better than the one in the US (local) I get much more depressed.

It is not because it is unfair to present such claims, or lies to the world. Becausee wars "are expected to" have lies. But if the newspapers in the US talk in the same exact tone of Israeli defensee" Forces, What would you expect from anyone in this region to say or act!? I am not asking Americans who believe Fox or Washington Times or even the Washington Post to change their minds...I just want them not be shocked when they hear about "angry people out there".

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Demonstration in Gaza..Now.

(Modified) A Huge, and very loud, demonstration is taking place now in Gaza City. I could only take few pictures with my simple camera of some parts of it. That is best i have. It is 9:30 pm here and there is mostly no electricity in the area.

Islamic Jihad is leading this demonstration, as it started heading to the Palestinian Leginslative Council, some of the crowd diverted it to the UNSCO (United Nations office) and some attacked the building and broke desks and windows of UN cars. Several cars with speakers were playing different types of recordings some are speeches by Hassan Nasrallah and some national songs. Demonstration is calling for more resistence actions as a reaction to the latest Israeli crimes in Lebanon, especially in the south(Qana)


I cant even stand any of the statements that concern "both sides" I cant stand "peace", negotiations". Sorry, if you expect me to be rational...
Olmert is so proud and celebrates with Rice the Qana acievement.
What is wrong with those people. Did you know that 35 of them are children. do u know that it was a big house and the 58 were sleeping! 50 raids...Qana recieved
So, If you like are bombed? Is there any other explanation!?

Qana of 1996....100 civilians in shelters were burnt
Qana of 2006 ....about 60 their houses. the first hour of July 30th

Did you see reporters crying live? in the 1996 one and today's!

According to Israel: They are victims of Terror!
Total deaths since the begining of this war in Lebanon 700 and 2000 injuries
News about this massacre:
Moms search for dead children
Analysis: A second Qana Massacre? (BBC)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Leaflets from Israeli Occupied skies...

Samples of Leaflets sent by Israeli Planes To the Residents of the Gaza Strip, signed by the Israeli defense Forces. In Arabic. These are few days old. There are many more were sent in different areas of Gaza. Mainly on the border areas.
I will try to translate

1- To the Residents of Gaza Strip: As a result of continuing terrorist attacks and continuing rocket launching from The Gaza Strip, The IDF will intensify its operations against weapons and munition stores and military supplies and will intensify the operations against the members and bases of terror who/which put the residents of Gaza and Israel in great danger. Do the Residents of Gaza strip have to keep on paying a high price because of the actions of those who (swagger) to solve the Palestinian cause? They are practically causing great losses under the false (mottos/claims) and "true/proven promises" similar to the ones Nasr Allah made to the Lebanese people and those that Hamas made to the Palestinian People.

Note: "true/proven promises" referring to the name of the operation by Hezbollah when it captured the two Israeli soldiers.
IDF: Israeli Defence Force

2-To the residents of The Gaza Strip: during the last few days, the IDF did operations against the people who executed terrorist actions and who helped them in launching the rockets and helped in military supply. These operations will continue as long as Gilad Shaleet is kidnapped and as long as the launching of rockets continues to be directed at the State of Israel. The IDF has different methods of fighting that hasn't used yet, but if these terrorist attacks continues, the IDF will consider using those as appropriate. Remember that calm brings calm, and this way you would be able to live a graceful and a safe life you and your families. IDF command.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Results of the past three days

Some of the areas had incursions or were bombed in the past 3 days...this is what i have
1- Family was warned 3 minuets before the Israeli planes hit the house.
2- Area of Shugayyah/Sha'af in Eastern Gaza had an incursion lasted for 3 days and resulted in

about 20 deaths, and few hundred trees were bolldozed.The last one is a house was attacked and family (40 pple) was kicked out and the Soldiers used it during the incursion...Used sand from the House! by pulling their floor out and they brought their food with themm..and thats garbage.

Few Apache Rockets

After flying over the Gaza strip...2 at least of the Apache helicopters raided about 9 times on difference areas in Gaza. I saw 3 of them. Three colorful balls of light stroke the clear skies of Gaza and went to accomplish another mission. I insisted to wittiness this time. So I waited not so long after I heard them flying on top of us, while we were having dinner in front of the TV with family and friends. Some went to call their homes,,making sure it wasn't the target next to them, or the house across the street, some received calls to make sure it wasn't us or across the street from us. I watched and went back. Simple news of simple events. It is amazing how humans adapt to things. Without spending more than 2 minutes talking about the whole round, it passed just like a regular phone call or a walk in the backyard.
In the background, people are not able to sleep, or even go to their rooms. Hiding in fear of random bullets crossing their trees and windows, in east of Gaza. More rockets took their way there to bomb few houses. And,,some injuries are reported. A child was killed. after a 24 hour that took 28 lives in that area.
I Will take off, and sleep for a bit.. Before any expected targets receive their bombs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

To Israel

Listen you... :
You think you are powerful...Yes you are..
You think you are great..Maybe in a way..
You think you are winning..Maybe by numbers of deaths you are causing, number of sufferings you are creating and by the number of lives you are controlling
You think you can stay like this...Maybe, but for sure not for a long time.
You think life will will treat you well after all this because you are chosen from above...You are stupidly mistaken.
You are growing the most powerful weapons in our hearts. You are killing yourself by your own bullets. I am not saying this as a cliche of an oppressed.
No... It is true. Because you can not handle anything close to what you are imposing on others. This may sounds funny...You may laugh...

You may laugh because believe it or not. I am more peace loving than any of your confused Peace Prize Winners..I have understanding to happiness and love more than all of you combined, because I know what is means to be in a War and you apparently forgot.

Quick note

Honestly, I can't write anything tonight. It has been a long day. I didn't do much though...Just too much news. Briefly, In Shegayya, my first home..They started a partial invasion last night and went back and forth...Bombing some houses, and killed so far 25...
There are two things going on here. One; is the leaflets they are sending through their planes, that tell you if your houses or building will be bombed soon. The second, is the regular operations that includes some bombings and shelling and removal of the rest of trees around the border areas. They worked on some last night and now they are moving with some tanks into Eastern Gaza from the crossing (Nahal Oz) and (Karni) these crossings are usually used for products not traveling. They are next to each other in the north/east of Gaza. Now the areas targeted (Jabalia Refugee Camp, Shegayyia and to some extent Beit Lahia) all in the north and east of Gaza.
You know this silly plane called....hmm never knew the word in English will look it up and write it here. It is the one that takes pictures and monitor the movement on the ground. This has a sound of a bee. and it affects the satellite image. So if it is there, it is kind of annoying. Guess what? Only few months ago..This stupid plane started to actually targed people and bomb them.
It drops the bomb right straight on the target, while the Apache has to be away a little bit and has to have an angle to hit.
You know this not silly plane called F-16? This just hit a house that was evacuated few minutes before. Man....You know to bomb a house in a crowded residential area with a F-16 means at least 5 houses around that one will have at least broken windows, and broken door frames and will have sharp and killing debris. Doesn't sound that bad..Does it?
I don't want to follow more on news...I am sure the night will continue as long as the several silly planes are around.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update..Lebanon and here..

Just in case you are not following with the news from Lebanon and Gaza Strip; here is a brief update.

First, I am facing a problem when following the news. The huge amounts of information that is being presented at the various Arab Channels have caused a certain mind situation. I would sit in front of the TV, when electricity is available, and I would watch more than a half hour report from different sites in Lebanon. This happens three to four times a day at least. To note here that I have no job, and not a very active social life here in Gaza. So the news is not only important to me but also one of the only things that I would spend time on. However, if I am asked after one of the newscast what was the news about...I assure you..I won't have any accurate information. So, I think why do I have a blog that I started because of these wars and because of my concern that people outside should know some of these stories and news that they don't have access to. As I am watching now!...I see through Al-Jazeera channel the bombings in Beirut (Al Dahyyeh El Janoobyyeh) The southern part. The Smoke is covering the city of Beirut and the noises can be heard through the live cast the reports saying that so far F-16 planes raided 23 times. Back to the problem, in the normal day since the attacks on Lebanon, I don't get to know what is happening here in Gaza...Which is to an extent understandable because the situation in Lebanon now is much worse as we all here see on the TV's. But, I don't see what happens in Gaza on the news because by the time the news bulletin gets to Gaza situation I would have no brain capacity to absorb more. So, I see it in reality or hear about it from People. A quick reminder here to put you in the picture of the perception of events in Gaza by Gazans, it is no longer an issue when you hear artillery or bombings. It is not that people don't care, but can't care more. . .
Yesterday I was driving in Gaza going to the edge of the southern part; where I saw the broken bridge hit by an F-16 in the beginning of this operation, and going to the very east of Gaza where I heard artillery and met with people who told me that they were expecting an invasion when they saw 30 tanks moving towards them, some evacuated their children and elderly members of the families. There was no invasion. There is a continuous secret battle between the special forces (who are Israelis go in the Palestinian areas will a Palestinian look wearing as Palestinian civilians attempting to catch some of the resistance men or spy on them) and the resistance. This can happen any second throughout the nights and bullets would be flying through the trees of your backyard if you live on the Easter part of Gaza, where my parents live. The third station was the north, I went to see the house of my aunt which is located on the very beginning of Beit Hanoon, a town in the very north/ and east in the Gaza Strip. While driving around the other broken bridge, that was bombed by F-16 not less than 4 times through the past few years,I saw my aunt's house that is empty now after it was mostly destroyed because of several invasions to the area. I heard something but I couldn't know what is it, the windows are closed and the music is loud in the car...(trying to enjoy the drive) and then I see the smoke right in front of me, in three spots one after the other were artillery on Beit Lahia between the houses. Those were the bombings that later in the news I learnt that 5 Palestinians were killed in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoon. The Israelis gave orders through the Red Cross to evacuate about 15 residential buildings (about 15 floor each) in Beit Lahia called (Abraj el Nada) . This sounds really humane when they tell you to evacuate because we want to destroy your house!! The problem is that they are destroying their houses and the buildings and also killing people..The shells are not very smart..Or maybe they are when they kill some here and there everyday...It depends on the Israeli calculation of required deaths among Palestinians that day.
Today. A house in Shegaiea (east of Gaza) The Israeli forces called the man on his mobile telling him to evacuate and that the plane will destroy his house in few min. This actually happened. The house is completely destroyed now. The family didnt have time to take their belongings. not even the important ones.

In Lebanon, A family was killed (7 of one family). I heard and read some reports from Human Rights Watch about the types of munition used by Israel foces in Lebanon; here I quote from the web site:
"Cluster munitions are unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable weapons when used around civilians. They should never be used in populated areas."
Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch
To read more about this go to:
In Sour, the Israelis have been bombing the villages around Sour. Some towns are completely seized by the bombings taking place on the roads. There were families trying to evacuate (who have foreign passports) managed to coordinate with the Embassy and the Israelis but there was no transportation. Tens of cars were bombed ...On the road so there is no enough cars to take them. In addition, the difficulties faced on movement between cities and villages; the Ambulances and The Red Cross cars were unable and still are to find the injured civilians and the dead bodies. There are many (unknown number) who are still under their destroyed houses and have no access to go anywhere.

And..Condi thinks that she will achieve any Middle East she likes??? Come on..with all the respect to her sophisticated education and career before being in this position. She needs one beginners' course in Human nature and wars. Hope she will learn somehow.


** Note: Birzeit University have urged the shops in Ramallah to go on strike because of Condi's visit. It worked. She may realize how important she is.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lebanon- The Associated Press


The spirit of the King David Hotel
Tom Segev
The terror attack on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was in its day the equivalent of the Twin Towers; yesterday was its 60th anniversary. There are two historic plaques at the hotel, one of whose wings was used by the British Mandate authority. On one of the plaques, which has been hanging there for some time, a few words note the terror attack: "On July 22, 1946, the Etzel underground bombed the southern wing." The action is attributed to Etzel alone, but there is no condemnation. "Underground" generally has a positive connotation. The unveiling of the other plaque this week was meant to cap an academic conference held at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on the issue of who is a freedom fighter and who is a terrorist. It was quite a week to clarify such a question. They can be distinguished by organizational affiliation, goals, targets, means of combat and mode of operation. They all assume that a freedom fighter is a good person and a terrorist is a bad one. Nearly every terrorist defines himself as a freedom fighter, and vice versa: freedom fighters are usually defined as terrorists. So was Begin. He invested a lot of effort to convince history that he was not a terrorist. Among other things, he emphasized that his organization did not harm civilians. There's a thesis that could serve as an historic lesson from a moral standpoint: not harming civilians. The new plaque identifies the perpetrators of the attack as "Etzel fighters." It's important for them to emphasize that they acted "under orders from the Hebrew rebel movement," in other words, the Hagannah, among others. They called the hotel switchboard, the editorial offices of the Palestine Post, and the French Embassy (presumably they meant the consulate) "to prevent casualties." In other words, they sought a terrorist attack without casualties, but something went wrong. Twenty-five minutes went by and then "for some reason" the British did not evacuate the building "and as a result" 91 people were "regrettably" killed. There were 28 British, 41 Arabs, 17 Jews and five others. To emphasize the military aspect of the operation, the plaque notes that one of the Etzel people was killed "in an exchange of fire."
Full article:

Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the borders..

Invasion or what this time?
What will the army do? I mean the Lebanese Army. The past two days, the minister of defense in Lebanon was giving really strong and reasonable statements, at least in my opinion. It may not be a surprise for an army to decide to defend its nation from any invasion. Lebanon is under attack, and the Lebanese army is not known to be very strong, however, the minister confirmed that the Israel's will pay a price if they dared to enter Lebanon.
going a bit far from this intense environment in front of the TV channels and the spirit of nationalism that these channels have been injecting in its audience, I remember ....Many occasions when leaders said similar and even more exciting statements in times of threat of a war. But...In actual wars..It didn't work for many reasons that I don't want to discuss here.
this fear in me..I am sure is in many peoples' minds and hearts.

After learning a bit about surprises in conflicts and wars. One important lesson I am trying to remind myself of is that there is almost nothing that can be the "end of the world" I mean, in my imagination, many may share this with me, that if the word "War" is said..It means ...That is it! But it is not like that..Maybe in huge wars long time ago in History it has been perceived like that. It is sad to think that way believe it or not. Because you as a person, or as a family, could no longer have a life, a home, .....All what you may think of .
Now. This applies to moments like this. Now, I am watching the Lebanese Channels because they are casting live pictures from the borders in tea south. The Israeli Tanks are moving inside Lebanon ...Especially from the village of "Maroon el Ras" I also see a breaking news saying " there are clashes between the Hizbollah fighters and the Israelis".
This may not be "IT". The Israel's said they will do limited operations. This is the style these days. You call it an "operation" not a "War" well, I don't want it to be called a war for one reason, that is; Israel is not facing a real regular army. But, I want it to be called a war, because it is BIG!
it is hurting people in silence. In a limited scale. Is there a small or big operation when people are killed?? Simply,killed?
I hope I am clear on that one.

* Israeli planes raid on the town of Zrayreh and the town of Lebaya, and Hasbya (6:56 pm)

The Rains and Some Friends

1- She moved from Gaza to the West Bank to study her Bachelor degree in English Literature, then wasn't allowed to have a permit to move back and forth from Gaza (her home town) and the West Bank. This stayed for 4 years. Later, she decided to work and then to do her masters, as she did, successfully, and was honored by the Best University in Palestine and was asked to teach at the University. During her work in the West Bank town of Ramallah, the Second uprising took place to make movement even more complicated so she couldn't see her family, which is one hour and a half away from where she lives, until 7 years later. When she did...Summer Rains surprised her. She was planning to see them for a day or two before leaving the country for further studies. She is in Gaza now. And since the operation "Summer Rains" was imposing a complete siege on the Gaza Strip, she is facing a threat to lose a scholarship to complete her PhD in the United States and she is also away from work and her personal belongings. This may not sound very bad..But it is. Living in an area where you can not plan for anything over any period of time is simply not a normal one. She was wondering..: is it always like this for Gazans..? Do we have to choose between our career, studies, future and our families..??
Her life has been always around similar questions...Since she moved for the first time for education..
Now...Hardly dimplomats can come in or go out of Gaza. She is trying her best. She already missed a necessary training course that she should have had in the West Bank before going to the U.S. She has not got her visa yet either. She should be starting her program in less than 3 weeks....Believe me ...It will be a miracle if she makes it under the current situation.

Plus, Gaza was never her place. She has only very few friends. I am lucky to be one of them. There is not much that you can do in Gaza, anyway, to keep yourself busy..Well, maybe there is. But not anything positive or entertaining. Only if you are really addicted to the noise of bombings.
I will miss her, we are spending some good time together, but I wish she can leave as soon as possible..
suffering is not only dying or bleeding...It is also seeing your future wasted and your life is extremely uncertain.

2- He came to visit his family from the U.S to Gaza, and has to go back to finish his program that started a year ago. He is stuck here, of course. He lost a cousin the other day when an F16 raided on a house...The people who were killed were not Israeli targets. There are so many mistakes these days ..:)
He was starting to build a positive relationship with American community in California. From California to Gaza, wasn't an easy shift for a vacation. I wonder how angry he is and i wonder if he is not looking forward to go to America, where you are either good or bad.. especially if you are from this area.
*The U.S. is sending more special missiles and bombs.
There is a limit to making a distinction between politics and people.

Today In Eastern Gaza..

I woke up in my relatively peaceful area of Gaza City...Started to gather news of what was being shelled or bombed early morning and during the night.
I turn on the TV and after seeing some of more frustrating news about political and diplomatic talks. I heard the news that 4 were killed by artillery in Shigayyah in eastern Gaza..I knew the family name, and I knew these are our neighbors at my parents house. I was getting more nervous as I dial the number of their relative who lives across the street from the house at the edge of Gaza. I tried to figure out what kind of noise did he have while speaking on the phone. As I asked...Who were they...? He said: "Yes, they were my relatives, three men (brothers) and a 3 year old child. It was a mistake". " ....I didn't know what to say, but Allah y3eenkom.." He said" it is Ok, what can we do..? But tell me if you need anything".
I couldn't help it...As soon as I hung up with him, I started crying. And I thought,...It is getting closer and closer. ..

the second thing I thought of was...What if ..? What if? My mother was there? What if a closer friend was also a target ..Or a mistake..?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Americans and the War Coverage...!

I spent a year and a half in the United State in Washington DC. The last place I want to be in during this war. I was avoiding the idea of going to the States but because of the same reasons that make me avoide it and because I got a good opportunity for education, I decided to go. I have taken so many sessions by the American agency that was responsible for taking us to the United States on Culture Shock, and American Cultural orientation. They gave us almost all kinds of information about this dramatic change that wel would be facing when leaving the Palestinian Trritories going to the U.S.. There was no problem in dealing with all that....I was alienated..Because I was in a place where people talk a lot (A LOT) about my problems and my area's political situation....Without relating to any of those....
I wished they knew nothing, I wished they didn't recognize where I am form...
When asked where I am form...I would say " I am Palestinian" so that I wont go so fast into the debate of whether Palestine as a state exists or not..
That wasn't the problem, however, there was a great need for people recently coming to the US to update the Americans and even the Arab community about the current situation. This is alienation. You are part of the discussion, many wants you (me) to talk, but they are so irrelevant with their percpective and their basic knowledge of events their comments or questions can be sometimes harsh and disrespectful. This, of course, doesn't apply to all experiences. There were many people who were very aware of the injustice going on in the territories.

News in America ...Doesn't tell you what happened to Palestinians..It only does when there are internal problems and when they are "terrorists" which is the "expected role" by most of the American audience.
My home in Gaza. (my parents' house) was under attack one night...By F-16, while I was in Washington DC. Thankfully it was the backyard...No losses in lives. There were several people killed that day...And I woke up 7 hours ahead of Gaza local time, turned on the TV and tried to see any newscast in the three or four channels i get through my basic digital service, nothing was there...Nothing.
I couldn't be Ok..And say, well, it has been like that, why am I surprised..? I talked to many people that

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Breaking News" Chapter 2

What is more awful than not having your voice heard..?

The Israeli operation in Lebanon started a week ago. The first day, there was equal coverage of events in Lebanon and in Gaza Strip. Starting from the second day, situation got much worse in Lebanon..And is still getting worse than Gaza. However, this change from being the first in news to the second end up taking us to the comparisons that we all go through in different areas of conflict. Such as comparing how bad the situation that you experience or how close were the people killed are to you. Which has the higher or highest number of people killed or injured? And How huge is the destruction by Israel. Here, of course I am talking about Arab News channels that we follow as much as we have electricity power at home. I mentioned earlier that the local news channels in Gaza are doing very well in covering almost all of the stories in Gaza. The second day of operation in Lebanon had put Palestinian stories a little bit out of the main picture of the news. This sounds to be a competition, a negative one, because obviously we compete in how bad our situations are. This is not the point. The Effect that I am concerned about when doing this is important. I mean who watches Aljazeera outside, if we are lucky, will not be able to draw a direct connection between the operation here and there, which is what PM Olmert insists upon doing.
Last night, just like usually , the vessels were shooting at the beach of t middle Areas of Gaza, as the Apache and Tanks were moving slowly into the area from East and West. I clearly heard the shooting from the see (naval vessels) and some distant explosions and shooting. I turned on AlJazeera..Nothing was there to say that there was an incursion in the middle area. And things are getting serious there. Well, there are two points here should be raised, one is the Israel is getting better and better in making you feel that you are fine as long as it is not your street, because "we have targeted operation against targeted areas", in addition; it is much easier, and cheaper to stay away from the operation of a big invasion. The Summer Rains started with more of a psychological war and then an actual one, maybe not as overwhelming as people expected. But it depends where you are, at the end of the day. I am not trying to say that things are Ok, not at all. I am saying that Israelis are very clever in making us feel that this is the usual, that we got used to through the past 5-6 years in Gaza, especially. And you really can't stress out about every single spot of the Strip when there is an operation taking place. It is just Human ability, you cant worry more especially that it has been 5-6 years.
Back to the news. There was nothing on Al-jazeera, because it was a "minor invasion". However, the first day of Summer Rains; there were 4-6 reports on the borders watching every single movement of tanks or supplies brought to the Israeli forces. That coverage was great but was a little bit too much because it just helped, unintentionally, to scare the hell out of Gazans. I will not forget that night, that the reports were coming to describe how many tanks and other army vehicles are being transported to the borders of Gaza when it got under a complete siege. But I will not also forget how many Sonic booms we had that night from the great invention of F-16. I couldn't sleep that night at all, there was no electricity in Gaza at all that day after they destroyed the power plant.
to learn more about the Fighting Falcon visit
to learn about Sonic booms..

I mean by "nothing mentioned" on Al-Jazeera is that there was no "Breaking News" Khabar Aajel!

Summary of today; (From Al Jazeera)
9 killed in Palestine (6 in Al Maghazi Camp- Middle Area of Gaza Strip) and (3 in Nablus in the West Bank)
bulldozers destroyed some buildings for the Palestinian Authority (Ministry of Interior and Security Forces buildings after they were hit a couple of years ago by F-16 in Nablus. The arrested Tens of the members in Security forces ( the ones we thought are accepted by Israel vs. The Hamas force) They were forced to take off their clothes in the open area outside the building. The three men killed the Israelis still keep their bodies..Not wanted to give them back.

Local News;
Tanks on the Eastern road of Gaza were shelling last night and this morning no injuries reported.
Rafah Border reopen for the second day after 20 days of closure. That closure caused in the death of 9 people waiting at the crossing between Egypt and Gaza. Now there are about 10,000 people trying to get in, few thousands came between today and yesterday.

Hope didn't miss much..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Breaking news" Chapter 1

I have noticed that there is a difference in the perception or the concept of Breaking news in the West-represented by the US here- and the Arab news channels. The word : Aajel; means something happening now, or has just happened. Don't expect this to have any news that is more than 2 or 3 hours old. A breaking news has a different meaning as I learnt from CNN and on general the media in the U.S. It means the current event or the most important news for the day. Maybe ....This is because there is no need for this extent of urgency in conveying news when things happen one at a time.
Since the operation started in Lebanon, I have been spending time on Al Jazeera and other news channels more than on anything else. It is fascinating to me how news become news in those agencies of even local news stations in Palestine. Sometimes, the movement of One military vehicle on a border in Gaza or elsewhere becomes news..And requires a reporter to go in the middle of the night to stand next to his/her camera focusing on this piece of a land or piece of a sky. Last night, after being saturated with news in Lebanon and stressing out about Lebanese being killed in the Merwaheen massacre that took place in agreement with the United Nations Emergency Forces in Lebanon, some apache planes started flying over the strip followed by 3 big explosions. This is not the point anymore, I went crazy finding something that can tell me where the hell was that! Usually, local stations in Gaza find out about everything that happens and get you the news, sometimes not very accurate in the beginning, this time there was nothing. I couldn't even find those stations. And then..I heard a reporter with a shaking voice talking about the violation of Media rights and freedom of expression! What ! Are we talking about this now? I thought. Then I find out that the station broadcast was interrupted by the Israelis somehow...It got too technical that I didn't try to understand. What I understood..S that beat Hanoon was under another incursion and the explosions were from tanks (arterially).

I wake up learning that there were 4 killed in this incursion .....
During the day..And at this particular moment ...The shelling continues.

Now; Hassan Nasr Allah..Just spoke on TV and he actually appeared live. (maybe not live but very recent recording). And he said something to the extent of; "well, we did what we did in Haifa because we were patient and our patience ran out after killing tens of civilians that have nothing to do with our forces...."
the G8 just released their position on this war...By saying: both should stop their operations.
well, it is fine for the G8 to say that...And you know what....It is ALSO fine for the Saudis and Egyptians and the Jordanians to SAY WHAT THEY SAID. It is no longer a surprise.
I liked a comment was mentioned by a Lebanese citizen was interviewed in the street of Southern Beirut saying " Israeli is our enemy, and I don't know why we are still suspicious about this fact"

summary of the day:
Hezbollah: will do whatever it takes to respond to the Israeli attacks
Nasr Allah is Ok
Israelis in Tel Aviv worried; 9 killed in Haifa
Tens of rockets were hot to northern cities of Israel (Palestine 48)
Number of civilian killed in Lebanon 113
Gaza: 4 killed in Biet Hanoon
and they are still bombing,. The F16s passed by us today but didn't do anything yet..Which makes me worry more...!

take care,
wherever you are...


Lebanon and Gaza

I am not here to compare the military tactics or the details of operations between the two...
As a Palestinian and especially a Gazan, I think of the resistance as one of the only ways to prove some of our concern with Humanity...This may not sound right at first, however, there is nothing that can make someone feel so angry to the extent that we witness among Lebanese right now. Whether you watch on your TV when you get your share of electricity power at your neighborhood, or you are there,..Hearing the noises of the planes and witnessing the creative strikes of torture. There is no doubt that Israel is creative and is proving great ability of finding ways to draw this miserable picture in every Lebanese house today in Beirut.
This phase of the conflict, I believe, is taking our minds to a certain sophistication in philosophy...Yes, philosophy when living these moments of not being aware mentally, of what is right and what is wrong...And whether human beings see justice and humanity in so different ways. Part of my day, just like any Gazan today, is knowing first the schedule of the electricity power, and what each device we have at home need to stay working. My radio, that doesn't need their electricity, have told me more stories even when the local stations are disabled...Every second that follows a bomb in the north of Gaza, such as today, brings up different senses as a reatcion. One can be being worried about the recipient ofthese shells...And one can be being sad that only few people hear it...
The southern part of Beirut was under continuous attack by the Israelis last night....I couldn't sleep...I was watching the news on the Lebanese stations till 5:00am. I wake up on similar noises in Gaza, although I managed to have coffee with a friend in a nice place near the beach. A friend who told me ten stories in less than 30 minutes...The last was her brother's who was burnt by an Apache rocket several months ago. She just visited a friend in the north few days ago who went through one of the latest incursions on Beit Lahia, the soldiers enjoyed having their meals during their service in the house and left cans of fish and meat on their couches...While having their meals or proving their victory in this town...They didn't let them leave a room they specified. Whatever that may means to anyone....It is part of the process that leads to bigger question and, most importantly, bigger answers and conclusions.

I just called my mother, who is stuck in Egypt, because of the closure on Gaza for the third week now, she is half Lebanese! Man,,,,,what more do we need to feel with every bird in the South..Lebanon..It is her home...And our home.

You get excited for less than a second...But guess what? Before that second that you wait for for so long..You calculate....And think...Is it ok to be happy for one second..? Or is this good or bad??
A friend of ours....17 years old, a kid that saw a picture full of colors...On top of their house..Was coming back from a regular walk with friends...It was the building next to them. This guy when heard about Hezbollah bombing the Naval vessel said..." Ok., is this good or bad?"

While flipping through some pictures on the internet, one picture confused me..It was in a bedroom that is underground and 2 little girls in Tel Aviv holding their toys and waiting for something else.
I never liked thinking of this ...Children are children...But it is a War. I don't want to say that only governments take us to wars, or only specific groups take us to wars...NO...It is everyone, it is the people...Even those children that suffer the most especially when you teach them the difference between the impact of a 250 kg bomb and a 1000 kg bomb.

Same pictures..Same ....Same......

..I am not here to analyze.,.Or even tell a story, because I cant even do that. I am angry.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Scared thoughts..A begining

It has been a while since I have been trying to start writing about what is going on in this special place, and what is going on in these special minds and hearts. It is sometimes easier to think that no matter what you say to desrcibe certain situation, it is not going to make any difference neither on the personal level nor on the surrounding environment. There is no doubt, however, that "Laila Al-Haddad" has inspired me, and many others, to start doing something. Her blog, Raising Yusof" has reached thousands of readers in the world.
I am not sure if this is going to work with me...This time. Maybe, I am sure it is not going to be as successful as Laila's and her great presentation and language that carries emotions towards our cause.
I am not quiet sure about what is this cause becoming... Day after the other, bigger question rises through my head and taking me no where..But to more thinking of how human beings can reach certain points where they don't care about their personal benefit, or don't care about their lives, when it comes to serious standing in the face of an enemy.
I am not saying anything new...But when it grows with deep analysis and observation of what is causing what, and how crazy these thoughts can be, how strong they are that they structure these minds in every step in their lives. People who support us in the world are either those who experienced occupation or oppression before, or those who hate the other.
Today....Watching the news about Lebanon, I did not believe that I would feel that bad towards what is going on there! I haven't cried for a long while when watching the news about Palestine, it has become a regular part of a daily activity either to watch it in the news from abroad when knowing you have people you care for there, or to wittiness it personally on the ground. I was asking myself,,is it because it is Lebanon and it is right there...Few hours away from here...? But I have never been there or even dared to try to go there....I really don't understand....But I know one thing,,that while it is going on...All the attacks on Lebanon, I am feeling it is my neighborhood..With no exaggeration.

Ahmad Qaboor; a famous Lebanese singer, has some of the greatest national songs for Lebanon, and Palestine, and general ones for human beings in oppressed areas of this planet. I just heard that song an hour ago..A new one, and it moved me after I thought there will be no such thing since I was in college doing my Bachelor in the West Bank. We used to think we are the gratest in the world...When only listening to those songs and singining them in the middle of the street that the Israelis closed in the "Siege operation " in Ramallah in 4 years ago. They didn't only close our road they closed the Ambulance road....They closed our bedrooms, they closed our windows...But really..Opened our eyes till this day.

Anyway, the song was a nice one, the guy has been singing for ever for different causes. And now,,,,he doesn't want to repeat the same words and songs to the same people..The same people...!! He just said; I am singing for the people who have no people..I am singing for the voices that no longer have voice....