Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanon and Gaza

I am not here to compare the military tactics or the details of operations between the two...
As a Palestinian and especially a Gazan, I think of the resistance as one of the only ways to prove some of our concern with Humanity...This may not sound right at first, however, there is nothing that can make someone feel so angry to the extent that we witness among Lebanese right now. Whether you watch on your TV when you get your share of electricity power at your neighborhood, or you are there,..Hearing the noises of the planes and witnessing the creative strikes of torture. There is no doubt that Israel is creative and is proving great ability of finding ways to draw this miserable picture in every Lebanese house today in Beirut.
This phase of the conflict, I believe, is taking our minds to a certain sophistication in philosophy...Yes, philosophy when living these moments of not being aware mentally, of what is right and what is wrong...And whether human beings see justice and humanity in so different ways. Part of my day, just like any Gazan today, is knowing first the schedule of the electricity power, and what each device we have at home need to stay working. My radio, that doesn't need their electricity, have told me more stories even when the local stations are disabled...Every second that follows a bomb in the north of Gaza, such as today, brings up different senses as a reatcion. One can be being worried about the recipient ofthese shells...And one can be being sad that only few people hear it...
The southern part of Beirut was under continuous attack by the Israelis last night....I couldn't sleep...I was watching the news on the Lebanese stations till 5:00am. I wake up on similar noises in Gaza, although I managed to have coffee with a friend in a nice place near the beach. A friend who told me ten stories in less than 30 minutes...The last was her brother's who was burnt by an Apache rocket several months ago. She just visited a friend in the north few days ago who went through one of the latest incursions on Beit Lahia, the soldiers enjoyed having their meals during their service in the house and left cans of fish and meat on their couches...While having their meals or proving their victory in this town...They didn't let them leave a room they specified. Whatever that may means to anyone....It is part of the process that leads to bigger question and, most importantly, bigger answers and conclusions.

I just called my mother, who is stuck in Egypt, because of the closure on Gaza for the third week now, she is half Lebanese! Man,,,,,what more do we need to feel with every bird in the South..Lebanon..It is her home...And our home.

You get excited for less than a second...But guess what? Before that second that you wait for for so long..You calculate....And think...Is it ok to be happy for one second..? Or is this good or bad??
A friend of ours....17 years old, a kid that saw a picture full of colors...On top of their house..Was coming back from a regular walk with friends...It was the building next to them. This guy when heard about Hezbollah bombing the Naval vessel said..." Ok., is this good or bad?"

While flipping through some pictures on the internet, one picture confused me..It was in a bedroom that is underground and 2 little girls in Tel Aviv holding their toys and waiting for something else.
I never liked thinking of this ...Children are children...But it is a War. I don't want to say that only governments take us to wars, or only specific groups take us to wars...NO...It is everyone, it is the people...Even those children that suffer the most especially when you teach them the difference between the impact of a 250 kg bomb and a 1000 kg bomb.

Same pictures..Same ....Same......

..I am not here to analyze.,.Or even tell a story, because I cant even do that. I am angry.