Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quick note

Honestly, I can't write anything tonight. It has been a long day. I didn't do much though...Just too much news. Briefly, In Shegayya, my first home..They started a partial invasion last night and went back and forth...Bombing some houses, and killed so far 25...
There are two things going on here. One; is the leaflets they are sending through their planes, that tell you if your houses or building will be bombed soon. The second, is the regular operations that includes some bombings and shelling and removal of the rest of trees around the border areas. They worked on some last night and now they are moving with some tanks into Eastern Gaza from the crossing (Nahal Oz) and (Karni) these crossings are usually used for products not traveling. They are next to each other in the north/east of Gaza. Now the areas targeted (Jabalia Refugee Camp, Shegayyia and to some extent Beit Lahia) all in the north and east of Gaza.
You know this silly plane called....hmm never knew the word in English will look it up and write it here. It is the one that takes pictures and monitor the movement on the ground. This has a sound of a bee. and it affects the satellite image. So if it is there, it is kind of annoying. Guess what? Only few months ago..This stupid plane started to actually targed people and bomb them.
It drops the bomb right straight on the target, while the Apache has to be away a little bit and has to have an angle to hit.
You know this not silly plane called F-16? This just hit a house that was evacuated few minutes before. Man....You know to bomb a house in a crowded residential area with a F-16 means at least 5 houses around that one will have at least broken windows, and broken door frames and will have sharp and killing debris. Doesn't sound that bad..Does it?
I don't want to follow more on news...I am sure the night will continue as long as the several silly planes are around.



Anonymous said...

Keep telling us about what is going on over there. Your doing a great job. Loved your post.

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