Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Breaking news" Chapter 1

I have noticed that there is a difference in the perception or the concept of Breaking news in the West-represented by the US here- and the Arab news channels. The word : Aajel; means something happening now, or has just happened. Don't expect this to have any news that is more than 2 or 3 hours old. A breaking news has a different meaning as I learnt from CNN and on general the media in the U.S. It means the current event or the most important news for the day. Maybe ....This is because there is no need for this extent of urgency in conveying news when things happen one at a time.
Since the operation started in Lebanon, I have been spending time on Al Jazeera and other news channels more than on anything else. It is fascinating to me how news become news in those agencies of even local news stations in Palestine. Sometimes, the movement of One military vehicle on a border in Gaza or elsewhere becomes news..And requires a reporter to go in the middle of the night to stand next to his/her camera focusing on this piece of a land or piece of a sky. Last night, after being saturated with news in Lebanon and stressing out about Lebanese being killed in the Merwaheen massacre that took place in agreement with the United Nations Emergency Forces in Lebanon, some apache planes started flying over the strip followed by 3 big explosions. This is not the point anymore, I went crazy finding something that can tell me where the hell was that! Usually, local stations in Gaza find out about everything that happens and get you the news, sometimes not very accurate in the beginning, this time there was nothing. I couldn't even find those stations. And then..I heard a reporter with a shaking voice talking about the violation of Media rights and freedom of expression! What ! Are we talking about this now? I thought. Then I find out that the station broadcast was interrupted by the Israelis somehow...It got too technical that I didn't try to understand. What I understood..S that beat Hanoon was under another incursion and the explosions were from tanks (arterially).

I wake up learning that there were 4 killed in this incursion .....
During the day..And at this particular moment ...The shelling continues.

Now; Hassan Nasr Allah..Just spoke on TV and he actually appeared live. (maybe not live but very recent recording). And he said something to the extent of; "well, we did what we did in Haifa because we were patient and our patience ran out after killing tens of civilians that have nothing to do with our forces...."
the G8 just released their position on this war...By saying: both should stop their operations.
well, it is fine for the G8 to say that...And you know what....It is ALSO fine for the Saudis and Egyptians and the Jordanians to SAY WHAT THEY SAID. It is no longer a surprise.
I liked a comment was mentioned by a Lebanese citizen was interviewed in the street of Southern Beirut saying " Israeli is our enemy, and I don't know why we are still suspicious about this fact"

summary of the day:
Hezbollah: will do whatever it takes to respond to the Israeli attacks
Nasr Allah is Ok
Israelis in Tel Aviv worried; 9 killed in Haifa
Tens of rockets were hot to northern cities of Israel (Palestine 48)
Number of civilian killed in Lebanon 113
Gaza: 4 killed in Biet Hanoon
and they are still bombing,. The F16s passed by us today but didn't do anything yet..Which makes me worry more...!

take care,
wherever you are...



umkahlil said...

Hi Najlah,

I'm linking to you and will also make a little post to direct some readers here although I am sure that your blog will have lots of readers soon. Very happy to know that another voice is coming from Gaza.

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