Friday, July 14, 2006

Scared thoughts..A begining

It has been a while since I have been trying to start writing about what is going on in this special place, and what is going on in these special minds and hearts. It is sometimes easier to think that no matter what you say to desrcibe certain situation, it is not going to make any difference neither on the personal level nor on the surrounding environment. There is no doubt, however, that "Laila Al-Haddad" has inspired me, and many others, to start doing something. Her blog, Raising Yusof" has reached thousands of readers in the world.
I am not sure if this is going to work with me...This time. Maybe, I am sure it is not going to be as successful as Laila's and her great presentation and language that carries emotions towards our cause.
I am not quiet sure about what is this cause becoming... Day after the other, bigger question rises through my head and taking me no where..But to more thinking of how human beings can reach certain points where they don't care about their personal benefit, or don't care about their lives, when it comes to serious standing in the face of an enemy.
I am not saying anything new...But when it grows with deep analysis and observation of what is causing what, and how crazy these thoughts can be, how strong they are that they structure these minds in every step in their lives. People who support us in the world are either those who experienced occupation or oppression before, or those who hate the other.
Today....Watching the news about Lebanon, I did not believe that I would feel that bad towards what is going on there! I haven't cried for a long while when watching the news about Palestine, it has become a regular part of a daily activity either to watch it in the news from abroad when knowing you have people you care for there, or to wittiness it personally on the ground. I was asking myself,,is it because it is Lebanon and it is right there...Few hours away from here...? But I have never been there or even dared to try to go there....I really don't understand....But I know one thing,,that while it is going on...All the attacks on Lebanon, I am feeling it is my neighborhood..With no exaggeration.

Ahmad Qaboor; a famous Lebanese singer, has some of the greatest national songs for Lebanon, and Palestine, and general ones for human beings in oppressed areas of this planet. I just heard that song an hour ago..A new one, and it moved me after I thought there will be no such thing since I was in college doing my Bachelor in the West Bank. We used to think we are the gratest in the world...When only listening to those songs and singining them in the middle of the street that the Israelis closed in the "Siege operation " in Ramallah in 4 years ago. They didn't only close our road they closed the Ambulance road....They closed our bedrooms, they closed our windows...But really..Opened our eyes till this day.

Anyway, the song was a nice one, the guy has been singing for ever for different causes. And now,,,,he doesn't want to repeat the same words and songs to the same people..The same people...!! He just said; I am singing for the people who have no people..I am singing for the voices that no longer have voice....



Dua' said...
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سامية said...

Dear Naj,

I happy to have crossed by your blog. I'm an old fan of Laila's blog and believe that everyone who has the capability to speak and tell the story, should not be silent.

All my best to you!

Gazawia said...

Dear Naj,
This is Gazawia ( and I want to say that I really appreciate your encouragement. I hope to hear as much as possible from you and hopefully many more in Gaza. This is the second year I was prevented from entering to visit my relatives there, so I want more than ever to know what is happening. Please keep up the good work for all of us!

Anonymous said...

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