Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Women and children 'killed in their sleep' in Gaza

Israeli tank shells landed in a residential neighbourhood north of Beit Hanoun early today, killing at least 18 people in their sleep.Palestinian hospital officials said there were several more injured.According to witnesses, all those killd were women and children.Hundreds gathered outside the Kamal Adwan hospital weeping as bodies arrived.Witnesses said that many of the dead arrived in their sleeping clothes.Four hospitals are treating the wounded across Gaza.Khaled Radi, a health ministry official, said of the 18 dead, seven were children, and 13 of the dead were from the same family.


Michael II said...

Dear Voice,

Despite the current horror, I'd like to invite you to drop by Since the summer, a loose bunch of Isrealis, Lebanese and Europeans have been exchanging viewpoints. The goal is simply to explain what seems inexplicable to the other side. The debates are heated, but we are not trying to win points. Simply trying to understand.

We all know the limits of media reports. I'd love to hear your voice in the debate if you have the heart.

Michael II

Anonymous said...

What is happenining in Gaza and every day in other parts of the West Bank needs not that Israelis and Palestinians sut tigether abd exchange viewpoints. If you see that what Israel is condemning against innocent children, women and other civilians make forums within Israel, and discuss how shameful the state's terrorism is

Naj said...

Thanks Micheal and anonymous for your comments. I want to tell you that i checked the blog and it looks really good, thanks for inviting me. But i do agree that there is a serious problem with communication simply because it is only made by war...and insulting statements. For those who love peace from both sides are not being heard and can not even do much in such situation, because at the end of the day the victim of the event cant help but see the other side evil. thats conflict as you already know. The possibility of exchanging viewpoints is the most difficult tasks to be done. because it is hard to be honest and clear while being so emotional because you (me- or anyone) are impacted directly by the other side.and imapcted really negatively. It doesnt belong to rational calm discussions. i promise to try my best to participate when i m able to. otherwise, i m sure it will be a successful forum for those who are able to think logically and those who are not extremely attached to the daily emotional events.

I love Munich said...

Naj, dear ... I don't know anymore what to tell you ... I guess I ran out of words. The horrors of Beit Hanoun are still very much in my memory and even the faintest attempt to come to grips with it MUST fail. What can one say if women and children are shot IN THEIR SLEEP? Is the NOT state-terrorism?? "In defense of the Security of the state"? HOW STUPID do they think the rest of the world is??
I was so terribly sad when I heard about that horror ... I only wished I could do anything to ease the pain!
I pray God/Allah will punish the responsible, ALL of them - and protect the Palestinian people!
Again I tell you "STAY STRONG"" dear friend ... I'm with you supporting you all the way!!
BIG HUG ... and LOTS of love!!

lennybruce said...


The events of the past week got me thinking about lots of things especially my own sense of anger and rage at what Israel is doing. So I wrote a piece about one 'white man's truth' when it comes to events in the Middle East. Many of my usual readers (my Israeli and American friends and family) may have difficulty with my message I think and I would love to get your perspective on what I have written if you felt like reading it and have time with everything going on there.

Be well and safe.


Ayesha said...

Assalaamu 'alaykum Naj

Kayfa Haluki yaa ukhtii?

I want to say something to everyone who thinks that a channel of true, peaceful communication between the two sides should be opened up....I applaud your thinking, it is noble and it is the best way to peace.

But true, honest, respectful dialogue can only start and open up when the tanks are parked 100 miles away, not right outside the meeting room, the camoflage is removed and the guns are put down.

The Raccoon said...

Hmmm. Check out - it's another kind of thing like, but in a friendlier format and with friendlier posts/comments (didn't see any insults there). And they don't have anyone from Gaza posting there yet.

Anonymous said...

There is some kind of irony I can read between the lines. Is it because Naj is telling what is happening in her everyday life, she is not trying to understand? I think she is doing nothing but trying to do others a favor to help them understand!

Chet said...

Naj, you are doing a great job helping others understand better. I think she understands perfectly well as to what is happening. I don't know if I could do as good being under what has got to be most stressing. Thanks Naj, I am sorry I haven't been around much. Take care and God Bless!

lennybruce said...

Hi Naj,

Havent seen any new postings on your site for a while so I just wanted to inquire that you are well. Hope so. maybe this new cease fire is going to lead somewhere, god willing.

Peace, salam, shalom

Naj said...

Thanks Lennybruce, i m fine. Its just that i cant write these days...

Lydia Sizer said...

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Anonymous said...

I found this blog thanks to a post from Tzfonit on Haaretz and would love to join you in your efforts to promote peace. Yasher koach to all peace loving ME'rs.
How can we help stop the violence?

freespeechlover said...

I admire your steadfastness. And I agree that dialogue can occur but does very little to change anything as long as the occupation continues. For those who are not Palestinian and would like to dialogue, I suggest dialoguing over how to get Israel out of the Occupied Territories, including East Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...




























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