Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Left Beit Hanun...but never leave Gaza

After the massive attacks on Beit Hanoun...i m scared, but really want, to go see what remained from this miserable town.
Israeli troops left Beit Hanoun, but remember; that the tanks have only moved to the borders on Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza and they went to invade more areas elsewhere. The Israeli incursions go on and on..even if you dont hear about some "Women" phenomenon, or 57 killed..there is more to come. Now, in most of Beit Lahia,...a little bit to south of Beit Hanounm and the eastern part of Jabalia another close by town, all in the northern part of Gaza Strip. In addition to the threat on the souther part, Rafah is waiting for its turn, expecting a similar misery of a big invasion. Such invasion to the south maybe kept to the last will be the desruction of the areas along the border. Rafah got used to house destruction on top of poeples' heads without sending any signals for evacuation. The talk was lately on bombing the border becasue it is the source of weopn smuggling ..this is true to some extent. But..what israel did after the withdrawal but wittnessed and encouraged this weaopn smuggling into the Gaza Strip through Egypt...Gaza is truely full of weopons..that are used mostly in internal confrontation. Dont say..well its your fault Gazans to let that happen..because Israel truely played it nicely and correctly..this is the reach this stage where Gaza should be kicked into the Sea...and trust me..i m not a conspiracy theory admiror..but if it seems that way..forgoive me but you have to understand the reality here.
The reality that isgoing beyond conventional occupation and colonial oppression...way beyond.
Would any american elections matter in the Palestinain- Israeli problem..i doubt it. Still, i m following closly the developments of the voting today ..but i will have to get some sleep and because of time difference results wont show till the morning of my time. But i think while watching CNN and reading the google news articles on elections about the significance of this may be significant a little bit for Iraqis who are really mad about their situation.... But for Palestinians...would it matter?? Simply ..No.
and then i remember..that when palestinians kidnapped Gilad Shalit..and the big Gaza operation was declared by Israel to get back the soldier...hundreds were killed..and it is still goin on ..and the borders were closed for the longest time..about a thousand poeple in Gaza and West Bank got arrested..and ..While al this ..Israel went to war in Lebanon..and IT IS OVER,.....Why would it be over in the palestinians territories..? I mean..a whole war took place and finished was really bad and intense but it ended! our situation , that was highly connected with the lebanese story (which i disagreed with, i mean drawing the connection with gaza situation) of the kidnaping of Israeli soldiers by Hiszbullah WAS JUST ANOTHER PHASE or Round of the endless GAME?!!


Anonymous said...

I guess that I always say the same thing and cannot come up with anything inspirational, but i just think that violence has to stop. Somehow. Believe me when I tell you that there are many, many Israelis ready for peace and to recognize the Palestinian people as good neighbors. Thank you for your blog because I feel that your voice and the connection you offer to everyone (even me though I am Jewish) is very valuable. With best regards, lynne

I love Munich said...

Naj, what can I say to this horror? I was and still am hurting like everyone with even a wee-bit of a conscience left! I just feel so terrible for the people there .. for all who were murdered and for the ones who are alive and had to go through this nightmare - they will never have a normal life after that anymore!
About GOP and DEMS ... you're right - there won't be a big difference if ANY - for the Palestinian people! In my eyes they are pretty much all the same! WHAT ON EARTH will it take to make it clear to the Americans what HORROR they support??? It is beyond me ...
Here is a BIG HUG dear ... supporting, comforting and loving - in these terrible times we MUST stick together!!

Julie said...

Americans don't support the horror they can see. Americans support the horror they can't see...and we don't see it, not on the news, not in the paper, nowhere except out of the way unknown places where it has to be searched out.The horror we do get to see is mangled Isareli buses after suicide bombings....but when tey DON'T take place, no one takes note...because no one awnts to see a city humming along business as usual with happy citizens.

Americans as a people can't identify with anyone in a war zone. We've never been in one. We don't know what it's like to have our cities reduced to rubble and our sleep constantly interupted, and our friends blown to bits before our eye. Obviously some can but it's the majority I'm talking about.

Even wars we've fought, have never been fought for OUR freedom, always for someone else's. Would Japan have ever been able to take over America? No....too far away. The French more than anyone in the west, should be able to relate to the Palestnians because they had such an active resistance movement, likewise the Scandanavian countries, and ironically, the Jews.....

As for the governemnt, they don't care about horror - if they did, they wouldn't have invented shock-and-awe which is another name for obliterate-and terrorize

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