Friday, November 03, 2006

Third day of the Incursion in Beit Hanoun

This is where Beit Hanoun is..... (Map)
The current operation is called Autumn Clouds...and is considered the biggest and most aggressive in the last six months. . Beit Hanoun, like most areas of the Gaza Strip, has gone through tens of incursions...this one is one of the significant ones..
To read a report about this situation in Gaza and especially on Beit Hanoun and the women's resistance. Click here..BBC Report
Here are some pictures of Beit Hanoun today

As of this hour..the number of palestinians killed today is 12. in the three days of theoperation the total of number killed is 28 . (According to local stations)


lennybruce said...


I have as always been watching the news the last few days, read the weblogs and news sites and I wish I had more to say to you than with tears in my eyes my heart goes out to you and all your fellow Gaza citizens of good faith, good will and a desire to live in dignity and peace. I would apologize for what my brethren are doing to the Palestinians but it is not my place to assume their responsibility or absolve them of it. I can only continue to write where I can, try to convince others that this is madnes and pray for intervention from someone somewhere. For tonight, our Shabbat, my prayers go for your safety and everyone's safety there and although I have no expectation this next prayer will be answered, I pray that all my fellow Israelis and fellow Jews the world over will see the action being taken against Gaza for what it is - utter, total, mindless, hateful, unneccessary, exagerated, insane, immoral crimes against humanity.

God bless, salam, shalom, peace

I love Munich said...

Naj - ALL those who commit these horrid crimes against your people, will pay dearly ... and it will NOT come from any human hand, rest assured of that! I feel sick to my bones that NOBODY is coming to any rescue, that the United States sit and obey Israel's will, that the WHOLE WORLD sits like the mouse in front of a Cobra!!
Naj, dear, hang in there and DO NOT LOSE HOPE!! We're ALL with you, support you - and love you!!
BIG HUG!!! :-)

Naj said...

Thank you lennybruce. i really appreicate your great concern and honest prayers.

Anonymous said...

I blame Hamas and those who continue to block the peace process with violent actions. After Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas never spoke of peace, but only of killing every Jewish child, woman and man. The suicide bombings continued and I could not see efforts made toward peace by Hamas at any time. I have hoped that Abbas would be able to lead the way toward compromise, diplomacy, and negotiation but he has been struggling to keep alive actually and politically, it seems. I read that Israel recently transfered arms to Abbas and Fatah in order to support them, as this group is the only one agreeing to diplomatic efforts. I believe that if the violence toward Israel stops ---it started again after Israel withdrew from Gaza---then Israel's government will agree to talks at the first opportunity. The missles, rockets, and terrorist actions are not conducive to peace and result in military actions--we need to be moving toward diplomatic actions and an end to violence.

Naj said...

dear anonymons., just for your information.
Israel didnt leave Gaza alone when it just dont know that the bniggest bombings and most distrurbing sonic booms and assaisnations happened right after the withdrawal. Second of all...HAMAS decalred and implemented truce for more than a year and didnt do a single operation. the rockets were theonly thingsthat kept on going ..and these rockets are stupid they hit on every 15 times.
Thanks for the comment ..

Anonymous said...

Answer to your reply: Good grief! My daughter was just now upset at the lack of leadership in Israel right now. It seems a common problem worldwide, doesn't it? Thank you for the information. I think it would help if Hamas would stop saying violent things. I cringed everytime I heard any Israeli leader saying them.
This is just my opinion: I think that the leaders should agree to stop violence, talk, talk, talk for however long it takes to resolve issues. It will involve compromise on both sides (and a renounciation of violence), but surely that would be preferable to continued violence.

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