Tuesday, October 24, 2006

another incursion and another ...

another five were killed yesterday....in Gaza
This evening, Shelling and rockets bombing Beit Hanoun...again but from a different direction...
Today, Gaza Skies had some interesting ...traffic..Some from God...which were thunder and rain..some from israel..with F16s and Apache planes...and the palestinian smaller bullets in the air or beterrn families and parties...
I cant really keep up with news..but just the a quick note about the disturbing event that took place earlier today..the kiddnapping of the Spanish photographer of the Associated Press..What a Mess!
by the way...this is not a Hamas thing...

Another note...interesting report that can be really critical if true and will cause to further escalation..maybe to the good or maybe to the bad..either way..i m not hopefull. Abbas ordered the deployment of 20,000 security men to take care of the situation in the Gaza Strip. So far, Abbas has denied this order..but several security commandors confirmed. According to the Haaretz Report of today.



Michael B. C. said...

curious ,Arafat took all the monet.y he received for plo aid and bought huge homes ect ect . just like Marcos did in the Phillipines. Do you beleive 1day a leader will emerge and use aid money 4 infrastructer,schools,building a real economy ect? Anyway atleast their fat wifes bought closets of shoes..

I love Munich said...

Naj, I can only pray this nightmare will end soon and some law and order will rule again in Gaza and around!
I can't even begin to tell you how MUCH that all disgusts me ... how terrible I feel for your people! It is EID .. but Israel doesn't care! Main thing THEIR holidays are quiet ...
You're all in my prayers - just watch yourself dear! Check your e-mail ...

michael b.c. ... I guess you missed the point of this post!

ab said...

We keep you in our du'a, and du'a is our most powerful weapon. Inshaallah, muslims will unite soon and stand together for justice.

lennybruce said...

To Ab: I hope all good people of all faiths will unite in fighting this injustice. None of us alone are going to be able to prevail. But maybe if we join hands we can create more power than any one fist. God bless all.

ab said...

You are very right lennybruce. I always wish for that. The reason i said "muslims" is that it seems that europans don't care, americans don't care, far-easterns don't care, and these are all mostly non-muslims. If Europan leaders care, they would stop Israel. If American leaders care, they would stop funding Israel. However, us, people, hopefully can go beyound our leaders' greed and unite for justice.

I love Munich said...

Ab and lennybruce ... all I can say here is - AMEEN!!!

lennybruce said...

To Ab: I get it what you meant. And you are right I am ashamed to say. Why does the world seem to care so little about the plight of the Palestinians? A half rhetorical question because i am afraid the answer to that question is extremely complicated - as complicated as the roots and continuing causes of all the conflicts in the ME. Scariest of all, as the conflicts get more brutal and more dangerous we miss everywhere leaders with vision, heart, humility, courage and honesty. And thats what its going to take to find our way out of this darkness. God bless

Naj said...

Thank you all for your comments and warm words..

ab said...

We definitely miss true leaders that care for their people and not money. How refreshing would it be to have such a leader! Seems almost impossible today!

There could be all kinds of reasons why people don't care about Palestine. For sure, in part it is due to the media. Media is successfully controled by Zionists, at least in the US. Real news are not reported AT ALL, and Israel is pictured as a innocent victim, so people just imagine that Palestinians must be crazy. But it seems that now people are waking up, especially after the attack on Lebanon, and occupation of Iraq. I hope that better things are coming. After every misery comes a relief.

Julie said...

I don't understand why the world allows this to go on. I am ashamed of the role my country plays in it. As for Abbas' forces, I read the U.S. is funding them.

They'll never learn in Washington....

We the people must continue to work for peace.

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