Sunday, October 15, 2006

22 Palestinians killed in Gaza in the past Two days

I haven't been able to write to update you on the situation in Gaza. Simply because everything is continuing as is. Israel has been intensifying the attacks, also, Amir Peretz the minister of defense has ordered the army to go on and execute more attacks.
In the past two days, and according to Aljazeera, Reuters and others there has been several incursions taking place in the North of the strip , in Beit Hanoun, in the south of the strip, in Khan younis, and some random targets in the city of Gaza.
I cant tell you that i have been personally affected by any of this, because of the confusion we are living in without realizing the extent of this confusion. I hear everyday hundreds of bullets shooted in the air, between fatah and hamas, between families and so on. I hear several explosions that I don't know whether it is internal or from Israel. But, I heard the planes being active in the skies of Gaza city, as it is active anyway in the rest of the strip. Yesterday and the day before, we were worried just from the sounds of the plane. Although we are so used to it.
Now. With another round of rumors and talking about re-invading the Gaza strip, sometimes I react as, "maybe this will save us" but there are always the really bad things that I don't want to think of.
I remember theses days in Ramallah in 2002, when people were so done with rumors saying: "why don't they invade the city and get this over with, we are done with the waiting" but ....Those moments ended and the invasion was ....A war.

that is it for now..
* the picture is from Reuters on Oct 14th, Rafah, Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing and informing us of your situation. I hear the news and I wonder how the people can survive such a life as this. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative post. I am 100% pro-Israel, and also 100% pro-Palestinian. That is not a contradiction. I hope that there will be peace between these two neighbors soon. Until then, I hope that you and all your family are safe. With kind regards, lynne

I love Munich said...

Goodness heaven Naj ... that all sounds very bad - and ominous on top! You - and Mona (who kind of disappeared lately) are actually the only source of information as the media barely ever - and IF, only very briefly and biased - report about Gaza. PLEASE keep it up - not only we, but the world has a right to hear the TRUTH!!

LUV YA!! :)

kimmy said...

I read too many of these blogs only because my grandmother (who WAS Jewish) denounced her faith in 1948 because she said "no true faith would act like the Zionists did then".
In the last little while I have tried to find out why.
I now know!
I would like to apologise for the past, but it was not my grandmother's doing or mine.
Instead, I will give the Palestinians my full support to get their occupied lands back and for Israel to stop their war crimes!

Anonymous said...




















Anonymous said...

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