Wednesday, August 02, 2006

after 2 am

Ok, it is after 2 but when I went to bed it was about 12:05, I was even chatting to a friend in the US that I didn't want to to talk to because he is one of those who believe only in what Fox brings him and I was watching live on Jazeera the big operations taking place in south and middle of Lebanon, it was about 11:50, i heard a relatively loud F-16 flying over Gaza. i waited ..for 15 min nothing happened. I even thought of posting something on the blog saying that I am waiting for a bomb. Anyway, just about few minutes ago, with the little radio next to me, I jump with a tone of breaking news of the local station and some kind of an explosion in the background. It is funny that the rule now, is that your are better off sleeping while bombing, because you will not have the same effect or shock. You might be surprised that this is true. We are on public electricity now! Great! And my husband was still out. The first thing I jumped to do is call him and make sure he is not moving and he is Ok.
Really strange noises I am hearing now after some rockets. Two rockets (big ones sent from the north) were hit on the beach of Gaza City, this is not common by the way, it is strange, It is the "port or the acting port area" where fishermen have few boats and some stay there over night. This is just 2 min walk. One, at least, rocket was sent from some kind of plane to a house (previously warned I think) in El Bureig Camp in the middle area of Gaza strip. Last thing here, is that artillery is bombing in the north, but this is normal, and just now it was found out that the ships are bombing the beach! We see the ships during the day usually, and there is a strict closure on the Beach since the beginning of the operation and sometime before. No one can go fishing at all. Some sneak in a couple of meters in, maybe that is why the are was bombed.
Will find out later..


Abu Shaar said...

Please, please be careful, ukhti.

chet said...

You and your family be careful, don't take any chances.

May Allah be with you always.

As far as Fox news they are biased. I quit watching it. Tired of hearing how Israel is suffering, They don't mention the suffering of those in Lebanon or Palestine.

Julie said...

the only ones still atching FOX are the poor brainwashed people who drank the kool-aid

Anonymous said...

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