Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sami Abdel-Shafi: A referendum could heal the Palestinian rift
Let Palestinians themselves speak on the recognition of Israel's right to exist
Published: 24 January 2007

Palestinians, who have had to endure Israel's siege on their freedom of movement and economic activity, have also been faced with sharp disagreements between Hamas and Fatah. Silence about the detailed status of talks between Fatah and Hamas to form a unity government increases the sense of neglect that many feel at a time when the need for a resolution of their disagreements is crucial. Palestinians and the watching world must be unambiguously informed of what both parties propose to end the multiplying crises in the Gaza Strip,


Sami Majed said...

Well, Fateh and PLO recognized "Israel" even without any recognition of the Palestinians right to live peacefully whatsoever from "Israel" and what happened! we got nothing! If you recall between the period of 1996-1999 there was almost all Hamas leaders in Palestinian jails and yet we did not see anything from Israel, Arafat recognized "Israel" and got Noble peace prize; few years later he was dubbed as a terrorist both by "Israel" and the U.S. Moreover, I assure you if such a referendum is to be presented, it wouldn't be a surprise for Fateh before Hamas that the majority will vote against recognizing "Israel" as a legitimate state! although this might sound non pragmatic for some Palestinians, but it's not just recognizing "Israel" that will solve the problem! It's "Israel" knowing that they are occupying lands and terrorizing people, it's "Israel" to recognize Jerusalem (at least East Jerusalem) as part of viable Palestinian state (which I doubt, "Israel" will ever accept, after all their arrogance doesn't permit such resolutions)... It's a long complicated story, that needs a lot to be solved for ever (if we assume it has a solution)...

Anonymous said...

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