Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cant get my voice out ...Or maybe Not interested to do so?

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I typed some words on this voice page...
I m forcing myself to gove it a try this time.
My thoughts will be confused and mixed up, but i know you are patient.
Throughout the past couple of months, i had nothing interesting to share with least it wasnt intersting to me..becasue i was alienated from the latest equations...or in other words, the lates battles.
As soon as the Gazans woke up from the shock recoverng from one of toughest incidents that resulted in the killing of 18 palestinians in their homes...Internal clashes started to rise as the main concern and the event taking place on the ground.
Fearless strong facing teh ideaology...facing the corruption,..facing the agendas..facing eachother. Many, tens, of incidents took place in Gaza and later a bit in the West Bank. Such were, kidnappings, shooting, attacking buildings and so on. Maybe its worth a bit of analysis right before the argument reaches the concipracy theories.

Thankfully, I m fairly objective towards this battle, trying not to fall in this "trap". There is no black or white in analysing the emergence of Hamas movement or the development of Fatah. However, the peopel are being asked to categorize themselves to stay behind one against the other.
I suddenly woke up and paniced for few the Gaza crossing. I remembered; We are occupied by Israel. Still.
West Bankers cant forget that they are occupied, therefore they have more venues to express their anger or frustration, or to convert negative energies into..something.
The combination of xperiencing Gaza with its ugly deadly clashes..and experiencing the humilation under the metal wires and gates through the Gaza Crossing..made me a bit more capable of throwing some words here.
Coming soon,


Clo said...

I can only imagine how you feel..I live in safe Canada and I am so depressed about the occupation of your country. I feel felpless, but I have decided that what I can do right now is educate myself, write letters and send articles to politicians (American, Canadian, and Israeli); work with groups that hold the media accountable for their miserable reporting, and talk, talk, talk. So many people in North America, even those who think they are "politically aware", have NO idea what the situation is like in Palestine. So, I start conversations, recommend books and articles, etc.. I have not had any backlash yet. There are many in North America, and the world, praying for you and working for an end to this quaqmire!

FurGaia said...

Same here. Couldn't write for a while. Too depressed and a feeling of powerlessness. It's only today that I finally managed to find the strength to return to my blog.

I know that we have to go on and must not give up. Still, once in a while, it is difficult.

Take care!

Naj said...

Thanks clo..thanks Furgaia..
Your comments and concern are what makes us stay alive in hope.

Anonymous said...

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